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Hire Global, Stay Compliant, in One Click

Deel is global payroll and compliant hiring for remote teams. That means anyone, anywhere can get hired and paid with Deel. Using a tech-enabled self-serve process, companies can instantly hire full-time employees or independent contractors across the world legally, in minutes. With Deel, companies can take care of payroll and create localized legal contracts in over 150 countries. Teams even get the freedom to choose how they withdraw their funds. Deel does it all. Today, Deel serves more than 5,000 customers from SMBs to publicly traded companies like Dropbox, Shopify, Reddit, and more. We're the real Deel. Get started today Looking for more business tools? #hireglobally #deel #payroll #hiring #remoteteam #contractor #employees #contractor
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Revolutionize Course Creation with ChatGPT

On March 28th at 1 pm ET, LearnWorlds is hosting a live webinar on how to use ChatGPT to craft top-notch eLearning content with the power of conversational AI. Meet the experts Panos Siozos, PhD CEO & Co-Founder George Palaigeorgiou CPO & Co-Founder Evangelos Tsintzas Product Marketing Manager Eliza Cani Learning Designer Expert During the webinar, our experts will showcase the features of ChatGPT and guide attendees on optimising their prompt-crafting skills to generate high-quality, accurate, and relevant content. 1: Building a course structure 2: Instructional design 3: Copy and creative ideas 4: Generate video scripts 5: Course assessments and quizzes 6: Summaries and overviews Take advantage of this opportunity to unlock the potential of conversational AI to transform your courses. Looking for more business tools? #learnworld #chatgpt #onlinecourse #coursebuilder #

Best Online Hiring Software for SMBs

Are you tired of spending hours sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews, and managing candidates? Meet GoHire, the simplest applicant tracking system designed for SMBs like yours. With GoHire, you'll be able to: Attract top talent through 15+ job board integrations and an epic careers page 🌐 Effortlessly manage and engage with your candidates 👥 Automate tasks, saving time and hiring better candidates ⏱️ Plus, with our privacy-focused approach, both companies and candidates can trust their data is secure. Give your hiring process a boost with GoHire - the fuss-free hiring software that just works. Start your journey to a superstar team today! Looking for other business tools? #hiring #software #smb #interview #scheduling #trackingsystem #jobboard 

Check out this Influencer marketing tool

Influencify is an influencer marketing platform with 34 Million influencers across Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube, designed specifically for direct to consumer brands. Here’s your link for a free trial Looking for more business tools? #businesstools #influencers #campaign #influencify #marketingplatform #instagramfollowers #subscribers

Unlock Lifetime Access To Cloud Storage Service For Photo With No Monthly Fees in 2023

A pro photographer? Seeking hassle-free cloud storage?  Unlock lifetime cloud access - no monthly fees. Say goodbye to expensive payments for unlimited storage. No matter how many pictures you upload! Get ready for secure and dependable cloud storage. Forget about renewing your subscription. Enjoy the ultimate in easy storage on desktop and mobile! No need to look any further! The Cloud for Photo is the perfect solution to store your photos with no monthly fees. This cloud-based system makes it simple, secure and available wherever you are. You can store, organise and share unlimited digital photos in one place with no compatibility issues or security threats. Plus, auto syncing across all devices is included. It also eliminates the hassle of limited hard drive space, giving you access to virtually unlimited storage that never runs out. With its integration process and intuitive design, The Cloud for Photo is perfect for anyone who needs easy management over their photos. Unlock a life

Looking for Freelancer Sales for your team?

Find The Right Sales Freelancers For Your Team here with no cost or hidden Fees. Get access to the available freelancers for sales and hire the best one that suits your requirment with profile search or interview.  Once the job is done, you can pay through the CloudTask How it works? 1. Fill the interview request form 2. Book a time slot for the interview 3. Interview the selected sales freelancers 4. Hire the one who you think is a best fit for you Click the link to know more Looking for more business tools? #freelancers #interview #sales #marketplace #outsourcing #salesfreelancers #cloudtask

Put Your Growth Plan on Auto-Pilot

Take your business to the next level—in sales, profits, and impact—without sacrificing the personal touch that brought you this far. Keap combines CRM, sales and marketing automation, payments, and more in an all-in-one platform, so you can consistently win more clients and grow your business. Integrations Through Easy automation, with the preset template build a custom easy automation in just 3 minutes. With Advanced automation, with activity trigger, segmentation, and tagging build a customizable processes. Through automation powered CRM, 10 hours a week on average can be saved by the customer. Connect Keap to Paypal, Gmail, Outlook, and more. Also Zapier integration connects with over 2500 apps to meet all business needs. Win strategies to see growth immediately by Keap's Expert Coaching. Learn how Keap saves your hours and sign up now with up to 20% off on our annual plan Looking for more business tools? https://www.svcfacilitators.c