Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cybersecurity E-degree

Get trained with White Hat Hacking, Pen Testing, Encryption, Network Security, Cloud Security, DevSecOps & other essential concepts.

Enroll in this e-degree program and learn

Website hacking using Metasploit
Extracting leaked credentials from network traffic
Surface mapping using NMAP
Building a secure CI/CD pipeline
Securing cloud infrastructure using a firewall
Leveraging Google for intelligence gathering
Intercept traffic with Burp suite
Using security infrastructure from Windows Azure & many more…

Topics Covered:
Module 1: Fundamentals of White Hat Hacking/Penetration Testing
Module 2: Cloud Security Fundamentals
Module 3: DevSecOps
Module 4: Network Security Fundamentals
Module 5: Introduction to hacking Tools
Module 6: Encryption Fundamentals.

Learn the more demand course and earn up to $230000 annually.  It is projected there will be 3.5 million vacancies in cybersecurity job globally by 2021.

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