Tuesday, July 14, 2020

FLAT 40% Discount - Hindi Webinar

Use Coupon Code: RAMU40

अडाप्टिव “रिलेटिव स्ट्रेंग्थ” रणनीति के साथ- भीड़ को हराएँ

Speaker: Mr. Premal Parekh (Bachelor of Commerce from the Top college in Gujarat followed by a PGDM in International Business Management)

What You Will Learn
1) Understanding if the stock is really an Outperformer.
2) How to Scan Outperforming stocks applying Logic.
3) Use of Adaptive “Relative Strength” at the Core before making an Investment Decision.
4) Using “Comparative Relative Strength” on stock ideas.  
5) Attendees will learn the Use of Spread Charts

Date / Time: 15-July-2020 at 06:00 PM (IST)  Wednesday
Language: Hindi
Duration: 2 Hours
Original Price (Incl GST): Rs 590
Discounted Price (Incl GST): Rs 354

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