Monday, July 6, 2020

Online Video Solutions

Are you looking to connect video classroom into your website?

You can add webinars, group classes and also live one-to-one sessions in one click from your website.

Videos on Demand

You can add your library courses/playlists into your own website.

Also we can offer your a readymade professional templates designed by the in-house professionals for your e-learning website if you don't have one.

You can build your video courses/library by simply drag and drop method with no professional knowledge needed like coding, etc.

If you are done with uploading your video contents you can simply publish it in one click and make it available for your customers.

You can also make multiple choice for your customers to purchase your videos and also subscription if any is part of your sales.

Sell your content through this platform and earn 100% of the revenue.

You can add click-to-action button to the end of your videos and also create call-to-action video overlay which is very much clickable and gives you endless possibilities.

The videos uploaded are very much optimized where it can be viewed through all range of devices like desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Once you have uploaded your video after the recording, the video is available 24x7 for your customers which can earn you money even in your sleep.

To know more in detail, visit us at

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