Monday, December 14, 2020

Certification in Online Options Strategies by NSE Academy

 FLAT 15% Discount

Coupon Code: AFF15

Instructor: Mr. Chetan Panchamia

New Batch Starting from 18th December 2020

Live Interactive Program


1) Basics of markets and price action

2) Cash & derivative markets

3) Option terminology and details

4) Open Interest and Bhav Copy Analysis

5) Call put future parity

6) Max pain theory

7) Option strategies

8) Married Put, Collar’s , Strangle & Spread

9) Bullish and Bearish Strategies (Butterfly, Bull Call Spread, Ratio back spread)

10) Black scholes and binomial model

11) Option Greek (Delta, theta and gamma with examples)

12) Introduction to Currency & Commodity Option


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