Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Vitality App - Online Corporate fitness

Designed to energize employee health, wellness and Vitality.


  • Proactive Engagement -- Dedicated coach will check-in 3x per week to help ensure physical, mental and nutritional health stay top of mind
  • Group Challenges -- An office wellness challenge can get your team working towards their fitness goals together and build camaraderie along the way.
  • Individual Programs -- With the help of a coach, our patented technology will learn and optimize programs base on your team's unique goals and preferences
  • Goals & Habits -- Empowering people to be 1% better every day  by using Vitality to schedule healthy habits to practice on a daily basis. 
Vitality App - Online Corporate fitness  Designed to energize employee health, wellness and Vitality.


  • Individualized Dashboard
  • Custom Exercise Programs
  • Nutritional Tracking
  • Personalized Goal Tracking
  • Group Fitness Challenges


  • Health and Wellness benefit that really works.
  • 300% higher participation rate than standard gym memberships
  • 4X higher likelihood to achieve fitness goals with the help of a coach
  • 62% average group engagement rate

Vitality Assessment:

Vitality Assessment for your employees' energy, focus, sleeps and stress levels. This includes:

  • Branded Assessment Survey
  • Comprehensive Report
  • 30-Day Fitness Plan
  • Team Plan:

Looking to improve your teams wellness plan or enhance your organizations member benefits?

All members receive:

  • Group Fitness Challenges
  • Vitality Fitness App
  • Personalized Fitness Programs
  • Nutritional Support
  • Mental Wellness Support
  • 1-on-1 Communication with Professional Fitness Coach
  • Monthly Engagement Report



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