Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Add pop-up forms to your website with EmailOctopus

Create eye-catching opt-in forms that appear on your website based on:

  • Exit intent – show your opt-in form to visitors when they're just about to leave your website and convert them into a subscriber before they go
  • Scroll percentage – show your opt-in form to your most engaged visitors and display the form once they've reached a certain point on your page
  • Timing – show your opt-in form once visitors have had a chance to look around and familiarise themselves with your offering
Add pop-up forms to your website with EmailOctopus

Also choose which devices your forms should display on and how often each website visitor should see the form.

How to create a pop-up form in EmailOctopus

  • Choose the list you want to create a form for
  • Click on the 'Landing pages and forms' tab and select 'Forms'
  • Click on the 'Create a form' button
  • Choose from inline or pop-up and select your preferred template
  • Customise the form to your heart's content
  • When ready, copy the form's HTML code to your website

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