Saturday, September 25, 2021

Best PPC Advertising Platform

Adzooma is a PPC advertising platform that is best suited for

  • Small businesses
  • PPC freelancers
  • Small agencies

A web-based PPC advertising platform makes it easier and quicker to manage and optimise Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads, with in-built reporting (including an SEO report), one-click recommendations and a powerful automation suite.

Best PPC Advertising Platform

Adzooma was designed to save our customers time and money

managing their online advertising, by offering a simple, easy to use solution that is accessible to all.

  • Perfect for almost everyone with more features than you would
  • ever expect from a free platform
  • Powerful, advanced paid features available with Adzooma +
  • The beauty of Adzooma is that it can grow with your needs.
  • Multi-award winning
  • Simple, step by step
  • Comes with all the expertise built in
  • Based on proven principles from expert marketers
  • Works like an automated assistant
  • Time-saving workflow
  • Everything you need to successfully advertise online
  • Create & manage ad campaigns in seconds
  • Apply expert optimizations in a single click
  • Take the stress out of advertising online
  • Expand your reach with just a few clicks
  • Intelligent account analysis
  • Set & forget automated rules and alerts
  • Custom reporting
  • A whole suite of free reports
  • Google Partners, Facebook Marketing Partners, and Microsoft Elite
  • Advertising Partner Partners

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