Thursday, October 28, 2021

Learn how to make shelf-stable skin products for the holidays!

Have your eye on making a number of natural home-crafted gifts for our loved ones this season! 

If you are passionate about natural skin care products but want to learn how to make them more effective, nourishing, and longer lasting, this inspiring two-part intensive is perfect for you. 

Through these lessons, you will learn how to increase the quality of your products and create safe, shelf-stable solutions—no refrigeration needed!

This workshop is a great fit for not only those aiming to create handmade skin care gifts for loved ones, but also burgeoning career product makers! So are you ready to advance your skills?

Learn how to make shelf-stable skin products for the holidays!

Learn all about the different natural emulsifiers and preservatives that’ll help you create silky smooth textures and you’ll have access to herbalist-vetted recipes for milk cleansers, toning lotions, creams, and moisturizing lotions

Discover how to create shelf-stable skin care products just in time for holiday preparations in the Herbal Academy’s seasonal workshop: Emulsifiers and Preservatives Intensive!

This workshop is only offered for the month of November though, so this is your last chance to sign up for it this year!

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