Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Track your Work, Time, and Finances

Take control of your team's work, time, and finances with our fully featured platform. 

Create your to-do list, plan projects, assign tasks, communicate in context, and use it as a time tracker or as an employee time clock. You can also track receipts and create professional-looking invoices on the go.

Track your Work, Time, and Finances

  • split projects into task lists and tasks and assign them to your employees or co-workers
  • track work time at the office or on the go via mobile apps
  • keep everyone involved in a project up to date with what's happening through discussions
  • create customizable static and live reports and track business performance
  • store all the files related to the project - so everyone can access them, anytime
  • visualize your team's work, eliminate bottlenecks, and reduce the idle time in your projects
  • keep track of time spent on all computer activities and allocate that time to projects
  • track expenses, generate estimates and invoices for the client, and get paid online
  • with milestones, the team knows when major project stages are due to be completed
  • save projects as templates and use it when you need to create a similar project


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