Tuesday, May 24, 2022

No.1 Audience Intelligence Platform

Audiense an effective way to put consumer segmentation and cultural insights at the centre of your strategy.

Strategy Personalisation 

Combined with affinity analysis, it gives you the ability to tap into ever-evolving culture and trends allowing for effective personalisation and relevance in:

1. Influencer and Sponsorship selection

2. Content/creative development

3. PR & Comms strategy

4. Media planning in the cookie-less world (e.g. contextual advertising strategy)

No.1 Audience Intelligence Platform

Compliment your techstack 

Audiense integrates with other tools, given its data and insights are complementary, it serves as the "bridge for intelligence" to stack sources of insights:

1. existing Social Listening

2. third-party audience Survey Platforms

3. 1st party data

Want to learn more about it? Here is the link



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