Friday, June 24, 2022

Doors just opened for Flower Pressing for Herbalists

Explore a timeless natural craft that will help you deepen your connection to nature while infusing your home—and your herbal study materials—with beautiful dried plants.

In-depth lessons and videos covered

  • The fascinating (and often unexpected!) history of herbariums and plant pressing.
  • All of the materials and supplies you’ll need to get started, including the option to upgrade your enrollment with our beautifully engraved Field Flower Press.
  • A DIY tutorial that shows you how to build your own plant press.
  • Detailed instructions for how to press a variety of plants - even difficult ones like echinacea and sunflower - to receive the best results.
  • Troubleshooting tips for common issues, like brown spots and wrinkled petals.
  • Helpful charts that share some of the beneficial herbs and flowers you can get started pressing.
  • 5 hands-on craft projects (with printable graphics and step-by-step instructions) for inspiring ways to use your beautiful pressed plants.
Doors just opened for Flower Pressing for Herbalists

And more!

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Save $10 off on three workshops

  • Tea Blending
  • Botanical Mixed Drinks 
  • Summer School Bundle 

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