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Find the right talent with Arya Pulse

Still struggling to fill that job? Relax—we have your back.

For a low fixed price per job, Arya Pulse can find great candidates for your open job, without having to post on multiple job sites.

QuickRecruit’s results:

  • Hired 140% faster
  • Reduced cost per hire by 90%
  • Found more qualified, higher-quality candidates compared to searching
  • each job site separately
  • A fast and frictionless recruiting experience
  • Quick return on their Arya investment
Find the right talent with Arya Pulse

Arya is available in a variety of service levels and pricing plans to meet customer needs. It can be integrated into the current applicant tracking system  or implemented as a stand-alone procurement solution (Arya Fusion). Low volume tenants can even use Arya on demand and pay a small commission per job (Arya Pulse).

  • Easy-to-use interactive job assistant to help you create a job      description
  • A single platform for finding top talent across multiple job boards
  • Affordable per position, starting at just $199 per position
  • List assisted and verified by people of candidates ready for the  interview     
  • No supply limit until you are satisfied with our shortlist of  candidates.
  • 24/7 personal assistance from recruitment professionals.

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