Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Herbal Academy Back to School offer up to 30% off for 48 hours

The herbal courses are reopening this morning with the previous Back to School sale intact through October 5th.

All courses are up to 30% off through Wednesday. Now enroll in the Family Herbalist Path Package, Natural Perfumery Course, and also add Botanical Skin Care Course, The Foraging Course, and a couple textbooks to that order.

Also combine courses with Goods Shop orders.

All herbal courses just opened for registration again with up to 30% off for only 2 days (ends October 5th)! Browse the complete course collection and add however many courses your heart desires to your cart.

Herbal Academy Back to School offer up to 30% off for 48 hours

Don't miss the offer.  Enroll now with savings

No coupon code necessary to register with the sale. Sale is offered through Wednesday, October 5th.

Do you want to know the complete list of courses?  Visit the link below and register now



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