Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Introduction to Julia-Free Course Valid Oct 1st to 7th

Julia is a new programming language designed to be the ideal language for scientific computing, to make computer-generated algorithms easy, and to allow researchers and students to learn the language quickly.

We'll start from the very basics of Julia. The course will start with Julia, and cover a little of Python. And the end of the course, it'll show you how to deal with dataframes of patient data and book ratings. If you are familiar with another programming language, we'll help you teach this lesson to Julia.

Introduction to Julia-Free Course Valid Oct 1st to 7th

This tutorial will teach you how to store data in arrays, write reusable code in functions, and use other popular packages to borrow other julia developers’ code. But it will also teach you how to use Julia’s headline feature, which is multiple dispatch.

By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the basics of coding in Julia. You'll understand data types and structures, the functions and packages, and how to use data frames to work with tabular data.

Free Course Details:

  • Julia basics
  • Data structures
  • Functions and packages
  • DataFrames

Join over 10 million learners and start Introduction to Julia today!

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